The Henley and District Housing Trust  providing rented accommodation for those in necessitous circumstances in Henley since 1930.


The Henley Housing Trust was the outcome of a Study Circle held at the Chantry house of St. Mary's Church, Henley in the autumn of 1928.   The subject discussed was the application of christianity to the different problems of life, social, national and international.  At the last meeting members were asked to suggest some practical results of the discussions, and with a curious unanimity, and unknown to each other, they all suggested "Housing"!  The need for this was beginning to be realised all over the country and several members recalled the St. Pancras Housing Scheme founded by Father Jellico, a project that proved to be our inspiration.


The first step was to call a public meeting, and in March 1929 one was held in the Town Hall, with the Mayor in the chair. It was decided to form a housing society, and the Henley and District Housing Trust came into being the following month.


In 1930 land was leased from the Town Council, and ten 3-bedroom houses were built and occupied by the end of the year.


It is now 2020 and the Trust has 72 homes in and around Henley.